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Time Policy

The subject matter is insured for a stated period of time, covering all risks from perils of the sea, pursuing any course. The policy is effective on the date of departure and terminates upon arrival at the port of destination, typically for a period not to exceed one year.

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Voyage Policy

The policy is in effect for the duration of a specific voyage, regardless of the time period. For trips of uncertain duration, this method may provide economies for the policy holder, since the insured period begins upon departure and concludes upon arrival.

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Mixed Policy

A combination of Voyage and Time policies, covering the risk during a specific voyage and/or a specified time period.

Valued Policy

Tied to agreed-upon values of business, physical and or loss liability factors. 

Open or Un-Valued Policy

Specifies a maximum value limit, when specific values cannot be determined at the start of the policy. Valuation of cargo may rise or fall before or during shipping. During longer voyages, shipping of commodities traded on public exchanges or subject to

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Floating Policy

Specifies the amount of coverage without or before determining the specific ship, port of departure, length of time or port of delivery. Used to cover goods which may be transferred from ship to ship before reaching their destination.  This allows for shippers to negotiate terms

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Wagering or Honour Policy

Used when the underwriter is prepared to forego the "insurable interest" normally required. Also known as Policy Proof of Interest (PPI), this is rarely used except during periods of political or military conflict, or extreme weather,

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