The best rates for Trailers of all kinds are available when bundled with a Personal or Commercial Automobile Policy. Whether owning or renting a trailer, call Bryden and Sullivan for the best Trailer Insurance rates on Cape Cod.

Office Trailer Insurance

Office Trailers

Mobile or temporary office trailers are often equipped with air conditioning, heat, electrical outlets, plan tables and overhead lighting. Many ground level office trailers have convenient office entry/exit without stairs.
 Mobile Office Trailer Insurance

Mobile Business Offices

Like mobile office trailers, mobile business offices often contain file cabinets, desks and office equipment to move from one job location to another thoughout the year. 
Enclosed Cargo Trailers

 Enclosed Cargo Trailers

 In single or double axle, cargo is secure and protected from weather. 
Boat Trailer Insurance

Boat Trailers

Steel Boat trailers on Cape Cod are prone to rust. Aluminum is preferable around here. Whether rollers or bunks, leaf-spring or torsion-beam suspension, Bryden and Sullivan will match your trailer with the best policy, and your boat as well.
Landscape Trailer Insurance

 Landscape/Utility Trailers

Commonly referred to as “Landscapers”. Single (up to 6,000 GVWR) and tandem axle utility trailers (up to 17,000 GVWR) have top rails and swing-up landscape gates. Ask about special rates for seasonal users on Cape Cod. 
 Auto Trailer Insurance

Auto Trailers

Single Car and double-car trailers, in either wedge or gooseneck versions have different functions. Double Deck Car Hauler Trailers up to 5 cars can be hauled with a properly euipped pickup truck. 6 car hauler trailer requires a single or tandem axle fifth wheel-equipped road tractor.
Motorcyle Trailer Open

Motorcycle Trailers

Whether you pull your bike in a closed or open trailer, or your bike is pulling a trailer (or both, at times), Bryden and Sullivan can tailor your policy for the best combinations of coverage.
 Dump Trailer Insurance

Dump Trailers

Light Duty up to 10,000 GVWR, Medium Duty up to 12,000 GVWR and Heavy Duty up to 15,000 GVWR and heavy Duty Goosenecks have different inusrance rates. Make sure your Bryden and Sullivan agent has all the details to give you the best available coverage on Cape Cod. 

Equipment Trailer Insurance

Equipment Trailers 

Standard Equipment Trailers are available in GVWR’s from 7,000 – 14,000 lb.
Deluxe Equipment Trailers are available in 10,000, 15,000, and 17,000 GVWR’s
Tilt Equipment Trailers are popular models which tilt for easy loading of equipment without loading ramps.
Models are available in 14,000, 15,000 or 17,000 GVWR.
Paver Trailer Insurance

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailers come in 7,000 or 8,000 lb. single wheel axles or 10,000 lb. dual wheel axles.
Deluxe Paver Trailers are engineered for special loading and hauling paving equipment.  Some come with optional hydraulic loading ramps.
Depending on options, such as  dropdecks, goosenecks or lowboy for heavy duty requirements, capacities can range up to 35 or 55 tons.
Custom Trailer Insurance

Customized Trailers

Do you have a trailer that doesn't fit any of these categories? Call Bryden and Sullivan for help. We may have exactly the solution you need. 

Storage Trailer Insurance

Storage Trailers

These come in so many different sizes and configurations. You may even need more than one. Bryden and Sullivan has seen them all and will configure your needs with the most cost-effective insurance for your specific situation on Cape Cod. And anywhere else in Massachusetts where you move or store your cargo.

Liability Coverage is provided by the policy covering the vehicle that is towing your trailer should an accident ever occur. Physical damage coverage – Collision or Comprehensive (fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) can be purchased if desired. Trailers with have a Gross Vehicle Weight of less than 3,000 lbs. do not require a Title in the state of Massachusetts.

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