Contractors: Bonds help create trust that the required project, especially Public jobs, will be completed. Reputable and reliable contractors are both bonded and insured.

In the long run, contractors who become insured and bonded assure consumers that their interests are protected, and instaill confidence that they are working with reliable professionals.



Surety Bond Cost Factors

It's all based on Risk.

#1: Type of Bond.
Certain bonds are inherently more risky than others. 

#2: Amount of Bond
Surety bond cost depends on the total bond amount.The Bond Price price is a percentage of the total.

#3: Personal Credit History
The better your credit, the lower the bond cost. 

#4: Business Credit History
Have you been:

  • Paying on time and above the minimum needed?
  • Using new credit cards to pay off old ones?.
  • Managing your business finances well?
  • Planning for moving forward?

#5: Finances
Past and current finances indicate how your money hass been managed in the past. This predicts performance in the future.

  • Improve your working capital by refinancing short-term debt into long-term debt.
  • Provide reliable and strong references.
  • Demonstrate adherence to a current budget.

#6: Industry Experience
A first-time business owner is riskier than one with valid work experience.

#7: Time in Business
This is a direct correlation of copmany longevity, in good times and bad.

#8: Character, An important factor
A positive reputation and references in both personal and business

#9: Past Convictions

Background checks are ofte run before approving bond applicants. Past convictions don’t automatically disqualify applicants, but they will increase surety bond costs. If possible, court documents that show your civil rights have been restored. Be honest up front and don’t hide anything.

#10: Loss of License
Loss of a license doesn’t look good to a surety. Be honest and be preared to explain.

#11: U.S. Citizenship
US citizens are viewed as lower risk due to physical ties to the US that would enforce payment of a bond claim.

#12: Surety Bond Company
Some companies have stricter evaluation processes than others, and some have higher premiums.

Contact Bryden and Sullivan to ensure you are getting the lowest rate for your bond.

Check a construction supervisor license

Have questions about a contractor or construction supervisor? You can find licensee details in the state database.

  • You can search using an individual’s:
    • Name
    • Company name
    • License number
  • If you click on the license number, you may also come across:
    • Prior complaints
    • Complaint records
    • Expiration date
    • Suspended licenses will not appear in the database during the suspension period.

General Contractor License Requirements

Because General Contractors oversee all aspects of residential or commercial construction projects, incuding managing people and materials, they must meet certain legal requirements before earning a general contractor's license.

  • Apply for a license with the appropriate state contractor board;
  • Pass the appropriate licensing examination
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Massachusetts requires general contractors to be properly bonded and insured, including:
    • general liability insurance and
    • workers’ compensation insurance,
    • before beginning work.
    • a certificate of insurance as part of the license application.

In Massachusetts, to hold a home improvement contractor or construction supervisor license (or both) issued by the Massachusetts State Board of Building Regulations and Standards, three years of work experience in building construction and a passing score on the licensing exam are required before applying.

See Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Licensing

Who Needs a Contractors License?

Depending on the scope of work and certain building types and structures, the Construction Supervisor License (CSL) is separated into three separate licenses:

Restricted CSL: For supervision of construction on two-family dwellings, including accessory buildings and structures.

Unrestricted CSL: For supervision of construction of two-family dwellings, buildings that do not exceed 35,000 sq. ft., agricultural buildings and structures, and walls that measure up to 10 feet.

Specialty CSL: Specialty CSLs fall under an unrestricted CSL, and include such specialty trades as:

  • Masonry
  • Windows, Doors, and Siding
  • Insulation
  • Roof Covering
  • Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
  • Demolition

For more details on the classification of specialty CSLs, go to

Home Improvement Contractor: You will need to register if you will be performing common alterations such as: exterior painting, wallpapering, and deck and patio repairs. In most instances, you will need to be both registered as a Home Improvement Contractor and a licensed Construction Supervisor.

The board also requires licensing for specific trades such as:

  • Lead Abatement
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
Insurance ... simple and done!

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