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About Massachusetts Boat Insurance

Although boat insurance is not required by Massachusetts Law, we strongly recommend purchasing coverage! Sailing vessels that you own less than 26’ in length and watercraft that you own with outboard motors of 25 horsepower or less (no coverage for inboard or inboard/outdrive) are automatically included for liability (bodily injury to others/ damage to property of others) on your homeowner’s, condominium or tenant policy.

Coverage can be purchased for all boat types and personal watercraft to cover bodily injury and damage to property of others that are not included on your homeowner’s policy, uninsured boater, pollution liability, damage to hull and personal effects, and towing with one of our competitive carriers. Discounts can be given for boating education such as Power Squadron or Coast Guard courses and multi-policy discounts if we can insure your boat with the same company that writes your automobile and homeowner’s policies.

How to Reduce Boat Insurance Costs

Bryden and Sullivan appreciates and rewards private owners who demonstrate best boating practices. Here are a few ways to qualify for reduced boat insurance rates.

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Liability Insurance

Marine liability protects against accidental damage or injury caused by the owner's ship, such as collision, breaking free from moorings, or breaking free while docked, as can occur during extreme weather.


Insurance ... simple and done!

Please note that coverage cannot be issued, started, cancelled, reinstated or changed through our website or email, without written confirmation from the company. This information that is given and we exchange is with the understanding that you are in compliance with the privacy and security regulations as we are.  Thank you.