Bryden and Sullivan has options for carriers that provide coverage for you. We offer programs for all types of manufactured housing, with no age limit, and these occupancies:

• Owner • Rental • Tenant • Seasonal • Commercial
Vacant units can be covered through our DP-1 Vacant program.

Manufactured Home Coverage

Our program provides coverage for manufactured homes, designed for single-family, owner-occupied homes, with no age restriction.

We offer other specialty programs for seasonal, rental, tenant and vacant occupancies. All coverages protect up to the stated policy limit. For a complete listing of coverages, exclusions, conditions and limitations on Cape Cod, please speak to Bryden and Sullivan at 508-775-6060

  Policy feature  What it means 
Protection  Coverage means you are protected unless the cause of loss is specifically excluded by the policy. 
Settlement  For a total loss, your settlement is for the stated value of your home as listed on your policy. We pay the actual cash value for a partial loss, but you can upgrade to replacement cost. 
Included coverage      Personal liability  If a guest is injured in your home, or if you accidentally injure someone or damage property away from your home, you may be liable. We offer several coverage limits. 
Personal property  We protect your belongings for the actual cash value, but you can upgrade to replacement cost. 
Other structures  We cover your shed, detached garage and fence. 
Reasonable repairs  We reimburse reasonable expenses for repairs made to prevent additional damage, like covering a roof after a storm. 
Additional living expenses
Emergency removal
Fire department service charge
Antenna/satellite dish
Trees, shrubs, plants, lawns
Food spoilage 
The Enhanced Coverage endorsement increases the standard limits for these items. It’s included in many programs. 
Optional coverage    Mechanical and electrical breakdown  This valuable coverage extends your insurance program to include the breakdown of your furnace, air conditioning, all appliances, as well as all of your electronics. 
Builder’s risk  To close your loan, your lender may require coverage for the time between the purchase and when you take occupancy. It includes coverage for site improvements, personal liability and theft of building materials. 
Earthquake  This hard-to-find coverage is available in nearly all states. 

Mobile Home Rental Property

Rental property can be scheduled on one, easy to manage policy.

If you have two or more manufactured homes that you rent out, you can simplify management of the insurance by combining them onto one schedule. The benefit is easy to explain:

One policy to manage, one payment, and one renewal date.

Insureds with more than 11 scheduled units qualify for a per occurrence deductible cap of 10 times the base deductible. This is especially relevant when protecting multiple units  against weather damage.

In the event of a total loss, we will waive the deductible.

  • The requirements are simple:
    Minimum to start is two units — the maximum on a single policy is 420.

  • All units must be written in our rental program, using the same deductible, premises liability
    limit and coverage options.

  • All units must be located in the same state.

  • Policies with more than 100 units, or $2M in limits, require underwriting approval.

    Step 1 – Quote and book one unit to establish the policy.
    Step 2 – To add units, quote it to determine the rate, but do not book the policy. Instead, fax the quote to Bryden and Sullivan at 800-217-5150 attn: MH Schedules. You could also submit a previous declarations page. Either way, one of our support team will add the units to the schedule.
Insurance ... simple and done!

6 Steps for Storm Preparedness on Cape Cod


1. Know your Risk.

Wind Storms, Hurricanes, Blizzards and Flooding are our most immediate concerns on Cape Cod. It's always best to have your own Emergency Preparedness Plan. You can protect your local emergency management organization to determine if there are already community-wide preparedness materials you can have, including evacuation routes, shelters and communication systems.

2. Assemble or Update your Emergency Kit.

Stock up on basic supplies you might need if you had to evacuate your home quickly. Items may include food, water, first aid supplies, medication, batteries, blankets and pet supplies. Put these items in a lightweight, waterproof container an dplace it somehere that can be easily accessed in an emegrency.

3. Create a Communication Plan.

Your family might not be together when disaster strikes. Have a discussion with your kids about emergency preparedness, including where you can meet and how everyone can get in contact if the unexpected happens.

4. Practice your Plan.

Mock scenarios with your family and even your entire community can help everyone understand how to prepare for, react to and recover from a disaster with confidence. That way, if an emergency were to strike, each member would know exactly which tasks they are responsible for to keep themselves and others safe. 

5. Prepare your Home.

You can reduce the risk of injury to yourself and damage to your home by preparing your property for disaster. For example. in the case of a hurricane, it is recommended to board all windows and doors with hurricane shutters, and turn refrigerators and freezers to the coldest setting in order to preserve food, whereas a blizzard and freezing temps require salting the driveway and letting cold water drip from the faucet to prevent frozen pipes.


6. Document and Insure your property.

Under certain circumstances, damage to your home may not be covered under a basic homeowner's insurance policy. Talk to Bryden and Sullivan insurance agents to determine if you need any additional coverage for the risks your area is particularly susceptible to, such as tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes and more.


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