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Bryden and Sullivan appreciates and rewards private owners who demonstrate best boating practices. Here are a few ways to qualify for reduced boat insurance rates.


  • Discounts for Boating Safety Course
    Boat owners who pass courses demonstrate a better understanding of safety on the water.
    Bryden and Sullivan recognizes safety certificates from: 
    • The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)
      The Official Boating Handbook of the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources
      View the entire handbook online 
    • the Coast Guard Auxiliary
    • Power Squadron and others
  • Safe boating record
    A safe driving record is a good indicator. Ask us about safe driving driver discounts.
  • Boating experience
    New boaters driving high-performance boats can usually expect to pay higher than average rates. 
  • Type of Boat
    • High-performance boats pay higher than average premiums and higher deductibles.
    • Boat size and performance ratings are also matched to boaters' level of experience.
    • Diesel powered boats carry lower deductibles than gas-powered boats
  • Age of Boat
    Contrary to auto insurance, older boats typically carry higher insurance rates.
  • Hull Deductible (see definition)
    Like any insurance, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Hull deductible is roughly equivalent to collision on auto insurance. Bryden and Sullivan will help determine the best coverage at various percentages of your boat value.
    • Flat deductible rates – $250, $500, $750, or $1000 may be better for your situation
    • Deductible as a percentage of boat value (such as 1%) may work out better for you.
  • Safe Boating Areas
    Part of the boat insurance risk premium depends on your location.
    • Lower premiums are available for inland operation and fresh water
    • Salt water operation infers certain known risks and range of operation 
    • Coastal areas with histories of severe weather can be cost factors. These can vary from port to port even on Cape Cod. Ask us. Your choice of marina may make a difference.
  • Seasonal Operation and Winterization
    The months of the year in during which your boat is operated can impact your premiums. Seasonal (summer) rates are lower than year-round rates.
    • Preparation and of storage of boats in secure, established facilities may reduce rates, compared to off-season storage of a boat in your back yard.
    • Ask us about combining boat, auto and homeowner's insurance to reduce your premiums.  

For private boat owners, see also Liability Insurance

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