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Health, Life, and Disability Insurance

Bryden and Sullivan simplifies what can be a complex part of owning a business. Our licensed and certified agents are up to date on the most recent laws, including ramifications and applications of the Affordable Care Act's health reforms (Obamacare).

Employee Health Insurance may be required by the ACA, depending on the size of your company, but also allows certain tax credits while at the same time covering you (the owner) as well. 
Life and Disability business insurance protects your company and your employees in case of an accident on the job that results in disability or death of an employee or business partner. It covers the business and compensates the individual (or family) of the injured employee.
Insurance ... simple and done!

Please note that coverage cannot be issued, started, cancelled, reinstated or changed through our website or email, without written confirmation from the company. This information that is given and we exchange is with the understanding that you are in compliance with the privacy and security regulations as we are.  Thank you.