The condominium declarations typically regulate which coverages are provided under the master policy and which you will need to purchase in a personal unit owner’s policy. Coverage for the common areas of the condominium is generally provided by the association master policy. The master policy protects the common areas or property that is owned collectively by all condominium owners.

As a unit owner, you must insure your private property and property in which you have sole ownership, or for which you are solely responsible; and you must be sure your personal insurance program properly coordinates with the master policy to ensure full coverage.

First, we encourage you to read your condominium document and insurance policy carefully, to ensure you are insured properly. Basically, it contains the following coverages:

Insurance ... simple and done!

Please note that coverage cannot be issued, started, cancelled, reinstated or changed through our website or email, without written confirmation from the company. This information that is given and we exchange is with the understanding that you are in compliance with the privacy and security regulations as we are.  Thank you.